What's on The Rocket Cruising Guide to Vanuatu?

Vanuatu Satellite View

Just What You Need

  • Interactive: Works on Windows or Mac
  • Easy and Fun to use
  • Internet not required (after activation)
  • Trustworthy: Aerial Survey Photocharts
  • Complete: Coverage of All Vanuatu
  • 500+ high resolution color images
  • 170 carefully surveyed anchorages
  • 160 personally verified GPS routes
  • Up to Date: Continuously Improved
  • Icon menu to instantly:
    Rocket anywhere in 2 clicks, Go Back,
    Search an Index, See a Vertical View,
    Overlay Chart Information, Sailing Directions,
    General Information, Change the Language, Get Help.

On The All Vanuatu View

  • 25 Island Summaries of What's Where
  • Names of Islands and Island Groups
  • Location and one-click access to regional charts
  • Navigating and Anchoring in Coral Environments
  • List of All Vanuatu Official Charts
  • Airport and Air Routes
  • Passages to Vanuatu
  • Ports of Entry, Customs, Immigration, Quarantine details
  • Suggested Cruise Plans
  • Weather Information
  • Tides Information
  • Fuel access
  • Mobile Phone and Internet
  • Important Cultural Considerations
  • Hospitality
  • Key points for staying healthy while cruising
  • Local Foods and Recipies
cruising guide vanuatu
Central Region of Vanuatu

On 4 Regional Views

  • Island Names
  • Island Summaries
  • Depths
  • Safe GPS Routes between islands
  • Airports
  • Ports of Entry
  • Navigate from chart to chart by clicking on borders

On 25 Island Views

  • Island and village names
  • Depths
  • Safe GPS Routes
  • Description of approaches
  • Location of Anchorages with one-click access
  • Navigate from chart to chart by clicking on borders
  • Navigate from island to island by clicking on routes
Efate Island
Port Vila

On the Port Vila View

  • Approaches with leads, markers, bearings, dangers
  • Photo of approach
  • Safe GPS Routes
  • Anchoring areas with photos and descriptions
  • Anchoring radius measuring tool 50m & 100m
  • Quarantine Anchorage
  • Depth contours
  • Marina and Mooring Locations, contact details, facilities, images
  • Fuel Station Locations, contact details and images
  • Dinghy Wharf, Wifi, Facilities
  • Directions and contacts for arriving and departing clearance
  • Photos of the harbour
  • Dive Spots
  • Beaches

On the Tourism Guide Port Vila

  • Rental cars and transport
  • Tour operators
  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Activities
  • Location of sites
  • Location of Government offices
  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Post Office
Navigation on the Rocket Guide
Isle of Pines

Jump to any anchorage in two clicks

Point to the Rocket Icon and a small chart of Vanuatu appears, point to the island you are planning to visit and a click will bring you to a chart of that area.

On Island Views

  • Names of islands and villages
  • Safe GPS routes
  • Isolated dangers and reefs
  • Location and one click access to subregional charts
  • Location and one click access to anchorages
  • Edge of Chart navigation to adjoining regions
  • Chart navigation by clicking on routes
  • Airports
  • Roads
  • Cultural Notes
Isle of Pines
Ilot Brosse anchorage

On Anchorage Sailing Direction Views

  • Approaches to the anchorage(s)
  • Leads, markers, bearings, dangers
  • Photos of approaches
  • Safe GPS Routes to anchorages
  • GPS position of verified Anchorages
  • Photos of the anchorage(s)
  • Anchoring Radius Tool - 50m & 100m
  • Protection from Winds
  • Anchorage depth
  • Bottom type and holding conditions
  • Depth contours and soundings
  • Exposure to Swell
  • Village names

On Anchorage Information Views

  • Beaches
  • Dive Spots
  • Information of Cultural Importance
  • Scenic Locations
  • Accommodations
  • Festivals
Ilot Brosse anchorage

Don't Miss Out

Responsive imageSY Cecilie

"I can't praise you highly enough for the absolutely marvelous job you have done with the cruising guide. Can't help thinking about how ALL yachts visiting Vanuatu can be convinced that your guide is an absolute MUST. If they don't have it they don't know how much they will miss out."

Captain Per Rold S/Y Cecilie