Vanuatu Festivals, Tours and Animations for Yachts

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Festival schedules, like everything in Vanuatu, are subject to change so it pays to check with the Vanuatu Tourism Office a few weeks before a festival is supposed to start just to see what the latest guestimate schedule is :-)

Pentecost Land Diving April - June

The Nagol land diving festival is held at southern Pentecost. Yachts anchor at Homo or Wali Bay.

The ceremonies are held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from April to June Young men jump from tall wooden platforms with vines tied to their ankles as a test of their courage and passage into manhood. Land diving takes place at Londot, Lonorore, Rangusuksu all in the island of Pentecost.

Call +678 77 23 374 / +678 53 48 846 for more information.

Ambrym Festivals

Fanla Festival, North Ambrym July Contact Freddy Roromal, 7722853 / 5441025 or James Roromal 7783717

Yam & Magic Festival Olal, North Ambrym : Contact Chief Sekor +678 5907659 Yachts can anchor at Olal and Nobul. Port Vila agent contact Reynold +678 77 7674. There will be more than 15 dancers and a crowd of over 300 village people. Visitors are welcome to spend the all 2 days in the village: Entrance fee 8,000 VT.

Ambrym Back to My Roots Festival Olal, North Ambrym : August

Olal Village on north Ambrym. Yachts can anchor at Olal and Nobul, north Ambrym. Day one of the festival will feature custom dances, tam tam drumming, magic shows and a Yeng Dance, which will be the highlight of the day. The second day will begin with a Women’s custom dance, followed by a Namangi ceremony (highlight), flute demonstrations, sand drawings and more custom magic shows. On the third day the Taour custom dance will start at 9.30am, followed by women’s custom dance, then highlight of the entire festival which is also the signatory dance of Ambrym Island, the Rom custom dance.

Paama Island Festival

Paama Island Mini Arts Festival TTevali Aot Village, Paama Island : July   contact Sam Abel for bookings. Advance bookings essential: +678 5939483 Yachts should anchor off Tahi

Santo - Big Bay Cultural Festival July

The Big Bay Cultural Festival will be held at the Bay of Illusions Guest House at Mantanas, northern Santo. Yachts can anchor at Big Bay Matantas (Table Anchorage), close to where the first Spanish navigators arrived in Vanuatu. Santo Kastom Dancing, displays of traditional food preparation and weaving, sand drawing, kastom stories, as well as a delicious Melanesian feast. The village of Matantas is located at the entrance to Vanuatu’s largest Conservation Area – Vatthe and on the eastern shore of Big Bay.  For further information contact Kehana or Ian at the Sanma Tourism Office, Ph +678 37719.

President Coolidge Anniversary Thursday 26 October, 08:00am - 05:00pm Contact + 67837365 or +678 5547001 Location Luganville, Santo.


Maskelyne Canoe Race and Festival July 7 Contact Call +678 7783524 Location Sakao Island, Malekula

Lamap Art and Cultural Festival August

The local community of Lamap invites you to celebrate their culture, traditions and unique way of life with a two-day art and cultural festival. Come and be part of an authentic pig exchange ceremony, witness local skill displays, custom dance and stories, and tastes our delicious organic island cuisine. In the evenings relax with our local string bands, kava tastings and plenty of cold tusker. A unique villagestay option is available for those guests who wish to gain a truly personal cultural experience. Lamap - Malekula Island • • Contact:
Tito (Francophone) +687 543 68141
George (Anglophone) +678 563 7623

Nalint Big Nambas Cultural Art Festival August
The Nalint Big Nambas tribe is hosting a cultural art festival. This event will in the future be an annual event. Contact August Valval +678 7799240 or 7755643 or 5618649 Mae Village, Malekula :

Southwest Bay Nalawan Festival August

The Nalawan Festival the Fire Beach at Lebo Village, in South West Bay, will host some of Malekula Island most terrific cultural shows. This cultural festival is celebrated every year since the first ages by the fierce Smol Nambas warrior's tribes, as it marks the new start of their traditional calendar. Unique activities are performed such as spectacular custom dances and authentic grade-taking ceremonies. South West Bay - Malekula Island • • Willie Isno +678 536 6168

Namangi Luan Festival  September

Namangi Luan- The South Malekula Small Tribes continues to maintain the practice of Grade Taking ceremony where an elderly Chief passes on his heritage to his First born son. An authentic ceremony will be staged in September at Malgen Village. Phone: 5548888 or 7748030

Gaua - Banks Islands

Lakona (Pwetevut) Bay Festival August Hosted by Chief John Star and Father Levi (local Anglican minister) and the villages of the Lakona Bay region, you will be personally welcomed into the community to experience local customs; including dances, music, food, wood/stone carving, plus much more. A good anchorage awaits you in the shadow of volcano Mt Garet, where fresh water pours from the black sand at the top of the beach.

Vanua Lava Banks Islands

West Vanua Lava Twin Waterfalls Festival   August or September Get your yacht to Waterfall Bay on the west side of Vanua Lava in the Banks Island to attend the annual Twin Waterfalls Festival. There are poems, songs, exhibitions of house building and canoe building, dancing, feasting and much much more.

Vanua Lava is located at Lat S 13 ° 49.6 Long E 167 ° 22.8
• Approach on a course of about 120° (to avoid reef on south side of the bay) • Anchor in 12m to 15m

St Bartholomew Festival August, 08:00am - 05:00pm Contact +678 59 77 429. Email:
Religious festival at Sisiol Village, Vanualavas

MotoLava, Banks Islands Torba Music and Arts Festival October Contact +678 734 2377 Email:

For more information and the latest updates on festivals, shows, and events visit:

The Vanuatu Tourism Office Event Schedule