Vanuatu Post Office

Vanuatu Post has a complete range of postal services during your visit to Vanuatu. But... if you really need to get something sent to you from the USA, there is a far more efficient and less expensive way to get your mail or packages - the best mail forwarding service for cruising yachts.



The Post Office has an amazing series of beautiful stamps. This is probably the least expensive high quality artwork in Vanuatu. You'll find these stamps are welcome gifts even for people who are not ardent stamp collectors. Vanuatu Post has special first day issues and stamp packs available for those of you who are, or who have friends who are, stamp collectors.

stamps2Many of the first day cover envelopes make wonderful wall decorations when framed. There are stamp issues for a wide range of subjects; cultural, historical, marine life, birds, flowers. These provide a spectrum of artwork covering all aspects of Vanuatu's beauty.


Come in and buy these exciting stamps or order them by faxing 678 + 23900, or writing to Vanuatu Post, Philatelic Bureau, PO Box 43, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

post office port vila

The main Post Office is located on Rue Cornwall , PO Box 43, Port Vila. Phone: 678 + 22000 email: . Hours Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 4:30 PM

Vanuatu stamps

Postal Services for Yachts in Vanuatu

The Post Office recommends that Visiting yachts have their mail delivered to Yachting World Marina.

The address is:

Your Name
(NAME OF YOUR YACHT)Yacht in Transit
C/O Yachting World
PO Box 1507
Port Vila


Your Name
Your Yacht in Transit
c/o Yachting World
Lini Hyway
Port Vila

Faxes go to Connect Cafe :

International + 678 25137