Vanuatu Marine Weather Forecasts

This amazing global weather animation gives you an instant overview of the winds, wind gusts, temperature, pressure, cloud cover, rain, lightning storms, humidity, waves, ocean currents, and sea surface temperature, for 9 days. If you click on the Play arrow on the bottom left you will see the animated weather systems move through the next 9 days. Or click on a day and time to stop the animation then. Click on a location for deails of that location including graphs of wind, temperature, rainfall, waves, sunset and sunrise. In the local data graphs you can "compare forecasts" to get an idea of how predictable the weather is. You will love this site no matter where you are on the planet.

4. Check the 7.5 day NAVGEM and GFS forecasts. Ignore google's joke (it does not trust the US Dept. of Defence) Select the button for the precipitation and sealevel map loop and while it is loading right click on the "compare GFS Oceania" link on the top left of the loop page and select open in new tab. Then you can compare the 7 day forecast using two supercomputer models..

5. Get the latest SW Pacific Satellite image.

6. Tropical Tidbits - During the cyclone season you can check a summary of current storm information and a composite of projected tracks on this site. Best of the Tropical Storm Sites.

Short term Weather Forecasts

The best quick look at the current weather (in addition to looking outside).

Latest IR satellite image - Fiji updated every hour on the half hour.

New Caledonia Weather forecasts

New Caledonia Meteo
Animated wind, rain, cloud, wave graphs
Weather Chart
Satellite image animation
Cyclone track

Fiji Meteo
Fiji Meteo - good cyclone tracking map.
Fiji Satellite Images - the best central pacific satellite images
6AM Fiji Time IR satellite image today

Australia Meteo
Australian Meteo Marine Services
Aus Satellite Images
Mean Sea Level Chart
Severe Weather - Excellent site
4 day forecast charts